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Wildwood NJ Sign at night and fireworks on the beach
15 Nov

What To Do In Wildwood In The Fall & Winter

It’s after Labor Day and the Jersey Shore is relatively quiet compared to the bustle in the summer.

Perhaps you and your friends or family visited the Wildwoods over the summer, or maybe you didn’t get the chance.

Either way, it would be fun to explore Wildwood, NJ in the fall and winter, which is typically considered to be a beach town’s “off-season.”

Just like seeing an attraction or a place after hours brings its own mystique and level of excitement, so does visiting Wildwood during the cooler months of September through March.

You may think that there’s not a whole lot to do in Wildwood during the autumn and winter. Here at Armada, even being a beachfront hotel, we think there’s a ton to do, see, and enjoy in the cooler months here in Wildwood, NJ.

Wildwood, NJ Events, and Activities Galore

Just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean the amount of events in Wildwood does too.

halloween-decoration-on-black-112870708148mtbThe Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority has a calendar stocked with events in October, November, December and beyond.

In October, there are almost daily Halloween decorating contests. There are festivals, conferences, boardwalk runs, and even a bonfire on the beach!

In November, there are sports championships, a Turkey Trot and more.

In December, there’s a Christmas tree lighting, a 5K boardwalk run, and the Boardwalk Basketball Classic.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun things to do that the Wildwoods have planned for residents and tourists alike.

Celebrate Holidays in Wildwood

Whatever you celebrate, the festive spirit of Wildwood comes alive in November and December. Besides the tree lighting, there’s a parade, and the transformation of the Wildwood Convention Center into a place with shops, face-painters, hot chocolate, and much more.

When the weather is cold, the warmth of Wildwood’s holiday spirit makes it hard not to visit the Jersey shore this time of year.

The Boardwalk Is Still Open!

moreys_pier_ferris_wheel_2Have a blast a Morey’s Piers (temporarily renamed “Morey’s Fears” in October) even when the weather cools down.

Enjoy Oktoberfest in Wildwood with good food and drinks. There’s tons of great restaurants in Wildwood and since not as many people are there compared to the summer, reservations are rarely, if ever necessary.

Have a blast on with friends or family on Mariner’s Landing Pier (where the big ferris wheel is) or take a walk through the Ghost Ship.

In addition, there are very few shops still open during the winter like Gateway 26 casino arcade.

Learn more about Wildwood’s Boardwalk hours and schedule at Wildwood Underground.

Learn Some Wildwood History

There are some cool museums in Wildwood, NJ for both kids and adults to enjoy. In addition, the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse in North Wildwood is still accessible and definitely a sight to see.

Learn more about Wildwood’s interesting history at

Don’t Miss Out On Visiting Wildwood!

As you can see, the “five-mile island” has a lot for families, couples, singles and even dogs to do during the second season. So bring yourself and whoever you’d like down to great Wildwood, NJ for some fall fun and winter wonders!

Armada By-The-Sea Hopes To See In The Summer

While Armada By-The-Sea is closed during the Winter, we hope you’ll come visit Wildwood to enjoy our famous “sugar sand” beaches, historical family-fun boardwalk, and beautiful sights. Contact us for more information.

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